Who is Scrypto designed for?

Funds, family offices and individuals holding 250+ BTC or equivalent who want to secure or trade their valuable crypto assets and leverage them to access established financial services like loans and mortgages.

If you have more than 250 BTC or equivalent and you’re concerned about Trust, Integrity or accessing Financial Services, review these questions and if you answer “yes” to any one of them, then Scrypto has the answer for you.


  • Are you concerned that your wallets will be hacked or lost?
  • Do you want a secure option for custody of your crypto assets?
  • Are you looking for a trusted licensed escrow agent?
  • Are you keen to buy crypto assets and don’t know who to trust or where to start?
  • Are you concerned about the reputation of your custodian or broker, or about the jurisdiction they are operating in?


  • Do you want to get a US bank account?
  • Do you want a global services provider?
  • Do you want to transact with somebody who holds their reputation and integrity in the highest regard?


  • Do you think your crypto assets will increase in value?
  • Do you need cash to pay mining bills?
  • Do you want to legally defer paying taxes?
  • Do you want to diversify your portfolio without giving up your crypto?
  • Do you want to buy real assets with your crypto?
  • Do you want to put your crypto assets to work making money for you?
  • Are you planning to sell real assets for crypto?

Client Onboarding

Scrypto services global clients from our offices around the world. North American clients are serviced from Los Angeles and Jackson WY. International clients are primarily serviced from our London and Paris offices with the option to manage their affairs from our US offices, taking advantage of being able to open a US bank account.

Wyoming is business friendly and has passed laws that treat crypto assets as real assets. Scrypto is based in Wyoming. Our banking partner is Rocky Mountain Bank in Jackson WY. We open an account at RMB for each of our clients that passes our KYC/AML process. Clients are able to deposit and withdraw funds in and out of their RMB account to buy and sell crypto or other real assets, pay their bills or diversify into other portfolio classes.



Fiat loans against your secured crypto assets provide a portal into the world of established financial services such as debit cards, mortgages and securities accounts. With a loan against your crypto, there is no pressure to sell your assets. You can still achieve the portfolio diversity you seek or pay the bills that are due.

Custodial Escrow

Secure storage for your crypto assets is at the foundation of our stack of financial services offerings. Clients come to Scrypto to lodge their asset with us for a few days to perfect a trade, for months to cross-collateralize a real estate purchase, or for longer as just a safe way to store their crypto assets.

Digital Escrow

Our digital escrow services enable you to confidently buy or sell any type of digital asset from crypto to domain names. We also enable buyers and sellers to trade their digital assets for real assets such as property and collectibles. Learn more at www.scryptoescrow.com.


Clients may elect to take out insurance coverage on stored assets as well as insure transactions against material loss. We are co-developing a number of innovative insurance products with leading underwriters and brokers around the globe. Contact us to find out more.


Legal: Wilson Elser

With nearly 800 attorneys in 35 offices in the USA and an office in London, Wilson Elser is one of the top law firms in North America.

Compliance: MPAC Group

As the leading financial services regulatory and compliance partner in Europe, MPAC Group ensures that our clients and partners remain in full global compliance.

Distribution: Confidebat

Confidebat takes the friction out of the OTC BTC market, bringing trust and transparency to their clients.

Distribution: Fusion-Crypto

Fusion-Crypto has many years of experience trading large blocks of bonds, equities and currencies in over the counter markets and bring this experience to help their clients acquire or dispose of large blocks of bitcoin, and other crypto assets.

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